About...my little biz


What I Do

I use the right side of my brain to create clever and amazing designs.


My logo seems a little strange, but for those who know braile it reads PH for Panky Hanky.  You may ask "why braile" well I'll tell you.  My youngest daughter was born with Coloboma in her right eye.  I won't bore you with all the details (that is what google is for) but there are many different types and possible implications. One of which is vision impairment or blindness. Fortunately, Lillian's vision is hardly impacted, but we didn't know that for a while and the thought of her not being able to see was terrifying.  So this logo is in honor of all the Coloboma families that have a few more visual obstacles in thier lives.

Where Am I

I am located in Des Moines (Beaverdale), Iowa


Q. How do I order?

A. Go to Contact Us and send me an email on what you want and how many.  Then we can discuss logistics! 

Q. How much is Shipping?

A. Depends on weight.  Once you email me with what you want I can get you a freight quote.  If you live in Beaverdale (or close by) I would happily hand deliver your precious Panky Hanky items free of charge.